About The Artist

Darlene was born and raised in the "Garden City" of St. Catharines, Ontario Canada. Surrounded by some of the most scenic farms, escarpments, lake views and abundant wildlife in Southern Ontario Canada, Darlene developed an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounded her.

When still a young girl, Darlene's parents recognized her natural artistic talent and encouraged her to explore various media and techniques. Darlene's father, himself an artist, helped Darlene understand the value of being able to draw well. She has continued to develop and hone this skill ever since. Her mother encouraged her to develop an appreciation of color and helped her to learn how to use color effectively in her artistic endeavors.

Darlene now lives in a small town in Vermont. This beautiful rural setting fuels her creative spirit and sets the tone of her work. Abundant wildlife and her animal companions provide engaging subjects for the artwork included in Darlene's Domestic Life Gallery while regular excursions to santuaries, zoos and preserves provide opportunities to more fully study the beautiful souls which are featured in Darlene's Wildlife Gallery.

Continuing the family tradition of producing cherished artwork for a select clientele, Darlene's work is admired and collected by those who love nature and the creatures that share our habitat. Darlene currently works in graphite, acrylic, clay and papier-mache. A number of her pieces have been reproduced as very limited editions.